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A Freelance Digital Marketer

I help businesses create a successful Digital Marketing Strategy using Social Media, Google Ads, Email Marketing, and efficient Growth Hacking Tools.

Maria Fragkaki Digital Marketer & Content Creator
Maria Fragkaki Digital Marketer & Content Creator

Turning ideas into initiatives

Together We Create Unique Campaigns That Help Your Business Grow

I’m a Freelance Digital Marketer and Content Creator with 5+ years of working experience, 30+ satisfied companies, and 230+ personal archives as a content writer.

Solving Real Problems

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Creating an efficient Communication Strategy allows companies to maximise their ROI, this is why it's a No.1 priority.

Social Media​​

Social Media Management is the core of every advertising campaign. I help you present yourself, and reach the right people.

Content Marketing​

Content is the king of advertisement. Use the right words online and offline and watch your leads increase rapidly.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential tool for attracting and retaining customers. Creating authentic and relevant content is the key!


Social Media & Google Ads are a certain way for your business to grow and reach new audiences. Targeting makes the difference!

Digital Marketing Courses

Understand the science of Social Media Marketing -  and not only -, improve your skills or become a Digital Marketer from scratch!


I guess we like each other!

I work with Digital Marketing Agencies, startups, organizations, influencers, businesses, and co-working spaces

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Maria Fragkaki Digital Marketer & Content Creator

Digital Marketing Courses

I love to share my knowledge and experience with you

Do you want to understand the science and art of using Social Media Marketing to drive traffic to your website for free? Do you get frustrated with all the confusing advice on the internet and how everyone insists you need to waste money on Social Media Advertising, when you want to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tik Tok and Pinterest to get traffic to your website and achieve performance goals? Do you wish to become a successful Digital Marketer and start your own projects? Then these courses are for you!

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  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Create an e-shop which sells
  • How to become a Digital Marketer from scratch

Train your

Not every business has the “luxury” to have a Marketing Team or a Creative Digital Agency on its feet. But every business wishes to have employees with multi-level skills, that can fill many positions and needs.

This is why I take care of the training of your employees, so that they can handle your Social Media, and Email Campaigns, and take care of any changes at your website.

Monitor the

Are you a Digital technologically illiterate? You have no clue on how do Social Media work? You need to hire an expert, but you are afraid of scammers, don’t know what to ask for or don’t know how to check their work? 

I take care of the interviewing, and some basic training for businessmen in order for them to be able to monitor the Digital Environment of their business.

Create New Skills

From online courses to e-learning programs, technology gives you the opportunity to create new skills, improve at your profession or even find a new one.

Contribute to Society

There are dozens of online communities who help people from all around the world. Be a part of one or create your own to spread love and awareness.

Build your Brand

If not online, then where? All the tools you need to build your personal or business brand is out there, waiting for you to take advantage of it. Besides, your investors live on the internet!

Find Like-Minded People

Connecting with the right people was never easier. Use the Social Media Channels and reach anyone who you think can help you grow personally or bussinesswise.

My Mission

Scroll to build.

Most people use the internet and Social Media to have fun, scroll, and chat. These tools turn into time-vampires and people get distracted and tired by technology. 

What if we used these tools to build? To build a business, a community, even ourselves? 

Technology has an incredible power to do good, this is why my mission is to spread tech awareness and help people scroll to actually build and not just scroll.

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Maria Fragkaki Digital Marketer & Content Creator
Maria Fragkaki Digital Marketer & Content Creator

Are you looking for 360 services?

Meet the Digital Savages

The Digital Savages is a Digital Marketing Freelancers Association, which takes care of your marketing strategy, social media management, performance advertisement, and events.

The team consists of Digital Marketers, Photographers, Event Planners, Developers and Performance Advertising Experts, ready to create top-notch campaigns for you!

This is your Time

Ask me Anything

Every Social Media Channel has its own strategy. For example Facebook’s most effective way to get you leads is ads. Pinterest on the other hand needs multiple posts for each blog of your website, in order to drive serious traffic. The question is: What is the best Social Media Strattegy for YOUR brand?

Can you? Do you have the time? The team? The budget to build it? I believe that there is content for every brand in order to be in every Social Network. But it needs a creative mind and a strategy! If you can’t be everywhere, choose wisely 😉

SEO is mainly about content. Good content in terms of SEO means that it includes the right keeywords. Learn your audience and find out how they search for your product. Then you will have a better understanding on how you should talk about your product online, and trust me: SEO will love it!

Fast is fun they say! But sometimes it’s not fun for your pocket nor your customer service, this is why there are many things to consider before creating a fast strategy. The answer though is Yes, I can! 

Who said that? E-mail Marketing is still one of the most effective Marketing Strategies. You just need to get into the world of Marketing Automation!

Study, study, study. Digital Marketing is an industry which demands for you to be updated. It constantly changes and there are hundreds of fields you can have an expertise on. Practise what you’ve learned and decide where you really want to put your energy!

I don’t. For now, I work mainly on Social Media, Content Creation, Creative Writing, Campaign Building, and Email Marketing. But, I’m a Co-Founder of “The Digital Savages”, a Freelancers Association, which provides you with 360 services. The team consists of Digital Marketers, Photographers, Event Planners, Developers and Performance Advertising Experts, ready to create top-notch campaigns for you!

Yes, I do! I collaborate with co-working spaces, businesses, and organizations, and we put together a great teaching experience for amateurs, professionals, e-shop & business owners,  employees, and newsbies.

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Write me what can I do for you, request my Portfolio, ask me about the Digital Marketing Courses, book me as a speaker on my vision or just say hi!

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Scroll to build.

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