28 Content Ideas to rock your Instagram

Hi! I’m Nadia and I’m here for you. 

I can understand your struggle about your content and your need to find a way to upgrade your profile or your brand in the Instagram community. Today I woke up wanting to post something on my Instagram but my inspiration was as a noob at Lvl 1. Nothing, Nada, Τίποτα.

It was like my mom asking me everyday: “Nadia, what should we cook tomorrow?”.

Then I put on some music and start thinking. 

BUT! You don’t have to wait until your inspiration drops at Lvl 1.

I’m here for you (You can put some music on by the way while you read this blog), and I have some pretty cool content ideas for your personal brand.

WAIT! You have questions first??? Ok! 
1. What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is your way to promote yourself. Your lifestyle, your philosophy in life, your signature to this world. A suggestion for others, but also a community of your own! An expression of the best version of this world in your eyes!

2. Why to have a personal brand?

It can help you reach your goals, both personal and professional. You can also find new opportunities for upgrading your career.

3. If you have a business brand, do you need to have a personal brand as well?

I think that the one helps the other. If you have a well-established business, doesn’t mean that you don’t need a personal brand.

4. What are the pros and cons of having a personal brand?

The pros are:

  • People like to do business and buy from real people.
  • If you use your real name is something unique and no one else can have it. So you build authenticity.
  • It’s cool, Admit it! Also it’s a great option if you want to establish personal credibility.

The cons are:

  • You cannot be shy if you have a personal brand cause everyone would always want to know more about you.
  • If you have a usual name and you use it for your personal brand’s name it will be difficult to stand out by itself.
  • It can be challenging to scale the business for high growth because your customers may want to have direct contact with you.

So as you can understand, before starting to scratch your mind for content ideas (or continue reading the rest of this article, because I’ve got you covered :D), you need to define your brand or even decide what kind of brand you want to create on Instagram. 

If you insist on a personal brand, then who are you? What do you want to give to this world? What is your mission? Are you promoting your work? Yourself? Your lifestyle? Your joy for life? Are you promoting a message? Are you fulfilling your higher call? What is it that you do? 

Your identity is your USP = Unique Selling Proposition! 

If it’s a personal brand, which only promotes your business, then it’s more of a business brand, but in a more friendly way. This means that you need to be the full-time ambassador of your product or service and your content can be primarily around it. But if you seek to show more of you, more of who the person behind the brand is, more about the philosophy that you live by, which led you to your brand, then you need a variety of content.Of course, there are also – and mainly- personal brands based on the actual person. You know them as influencers, but let’s not take this word so seriously and as a fact, but more as a positive affirmation! In this case, you need a variety of content. 

Let us give you some inspiration!
  1. Tell a story about something that made you feel good today (or made you blue, all our emotions are what we made of).
  2. #WhatIsInMyBag Challenge. Open your bag and show us what you got in there. 
  3. Share your #MorningRoutine. Not only for beauty bloggers. You could also show how you make your coffee, how you pick your #ootd, which millionaire’s routine are you following etc.
  4. Talk about a person who inspires you.My favorite person is my daughter. She shows me how to be a kid again and    how we always forget it. “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap“.
  5. Tell us a new thing you ate this month and you liked it. Or talk about your favorite food or your favorite flavor. 
  6. Tell us about your moodboard or travel board. Talk about your dreams or your fears if you want. 
  7. Let us see your bloopers. Almost everyone appreciates your fun side. 
  8. If you cook you can rock it with a DIY cocktail. Tell us which is your favorite flavor and why. 
  9. Talk about your favorite movie. Why you love it and how many times you have seen it. 
  10. Make a photo collage of your favorite vacation and write about your memories. 
  11. Ask your followers to decide about your new haircut or about which smartwatch they suggest you to buy. Or even where to travel next and let them give you some wonderful tips.
  12. You can make a video of something you want to share with your followers.
  13. Show your friends, talk about friendship and how much you care about them.  
  14. Talk about a cause, you can always find a way to make a better world. Share what fits you.
  15. Talk about books. Which is the plot you loved and which book you didn’t like. 
  16. Motivational quotes are always something catchy to make a follower give some of his time. 
  17. How do you keep your energy levels high. If you are a gym person or not, you can tell your followers how you can hit the gym every day and give them inspiration or just admit you are a couch potato.
  18. Share your tweet, what you read and found interesting to share. 
  19. Make a “How to” post. Give some food for thought or just give advice about something or talk about something technical if this is your thing.
  20. Discussion with a friend on Instagram live. Pick a topic with a friend and make an Instagram Live to talk about it.
  21. Open your closet, your drawer or even your warehouse and make a giveaway with your old stuff that you don’t want anymore. 
  22. Throwbacks, show your followers which memories made you feel good or bad if you want.
  23. Repost something you think it matters and worth seeing.
  24. Answer to a Frequently Asked Question.
  25. A sunset ( generally travel related content brings high engagement ). 
  26. Your best smile is always the number 1 thing that makes you look beautiful. 
  27. Best advice you have been given to a friend ( and of course you made something completely different ). 
  28. Your favorite Netflix series are something that kept most of your time in quarantine so you can talk about them and your followers reply about theirs.


It’s obvious that you can talk as much as you want, for anything you like! Do it as personal as you would like it to be. Always appreciate your followers and try to give them a good feeling when they decide to scroll down your account. Don’t forget to answer their comments and dms! It can make a huge difference!

Feel free to ask #teamaria about anything you need for your personal brand! And if you liked this article, please share it with the people you love using the share buttons below!

Till the next time,
Digitally yours

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