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Digital Marketing is everywhere. You need it to expand your business, grow your personal brand, sell your products, promote your services, build a networking, find investors and achieve successful collaborations. Learn how to use online tools that can help you achieve your goals.

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Digital Marketing Courses

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Having more than 120 hours of experience in teaching Digital Marketing, 380+ students, and collaborations with individuals, businesses, organizations, companies, startups, and initiatives, among them the Women Do Business, Prince’s Trust International, the Cube, Techstars Startup Weekend Athens COVID-19,  Grow Greek Tourism Online by Google Digital Workshops, OAED/Google Initiative, Women Entrepreneurship Week Greece, and 100mentors, I understand that teaching is not only about transmitting the right information but mainly about being flexible enough in your approach to meet the needs of the most people at once.

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be your own boss | Prince's trust international

"Be your Own Boss" Program invites all mentors to an open conversation in order to improve and create an even better experience for the future startuppers that participate in the program.

be your own boss | Prince's trust international

Monday 26/04/21, 16:00
more about "Be your own boss"


Linkedin marketing

Orange Grove, the international startup incubator for innovative entrepreneurs in Greece and the Netherlands invited me for a LinkedIn Marketing workshop.

Linkedin marketing

Thursday 15/04/21, 18:00-21:00
Language: Greek
More about "Orange Grove"

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100mentors is an ed-tech platform empowering students to connect with mentors (from 300+ universities & 500+ companies across the world) to guide them in their most important academic & career decisions.

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Not every business has the “luxury” to have a Marketing Team or a Creative Digital Agency on its feet. But every business wishes to have employees with multi-level skills, that can fill many positions and needs.

This is why I take care of the training of your employees, so that they can handle your Social Media, and Email Campaigns, and take care of any changes at your website.

Monitor the

Are you a Digital technologically illiterate? You have no clue on how do Social Media work? You need to hire an expert, but you are afraid of scammers, don’t know what to ask for or don’t know how to check their work? 

I take care of the interviewing, and some basic training for businessmen in order for them to be able to monitor the Digital Environment of their business.

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