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Top 2 Myths about Emails

Isn't it dead?

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. After the social media boom, for a while, there were discussions about the efficiency of email marketing. However, it’s still useful for all stages of marketing like acquisition, retention and closing deals.

It's only for B2B

Consumers being targeted by B2C marketing will often see a product online, glimpse an advert whilst out, or hear about a product from a friend. But optimizing the content and the visual of an email can be a game changer for the business!

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What kind of emails should you send?

2 types of emails

With an email marketing strategy, a company can plan when to send time-based promotions or non-promotional emails. Time-based promotions are emails containing time-sensitive messages which prompt recipients to take action, for example, purchasing a discounted product, registering for a new class, or booking an appointment.

Non-promotional emails are less time-consuming and sales-driven. They are more for establishing relationships and giving value to customers. Contrary to promotional emails that tend to boost sales, non-promotional emails enable marketers to determine the interests of their subscribers, thus helping with mailing list segmentation.

12 Best Practices

1. pick The right time to Send Emails

2. Stick to a Consistent Schedule

3. Use Segmentation for personalized information

4. Don't bombard your list with emails

5. Write irresistable subjects and descriptions

6. Make it time-sensitive for your subscribers

7. Give Value and invest on storytelling

8. Email Automation gives you safety and results

9. Start a conversation and ask for replies

10. Contact your Lapsed Customers to come back

11. Keep you email lists clean and organized

12. Reward Loyalty and let them know

Solving Real Problems

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Marketing Plan

Creating an efficient Communication Strategy allows companies to maximise their ROI, this is why it's a No.1 priority.

Performance Advertising

Social Media Ads are a certain way for your business to grow and reach new audiences. Targeting makes the difference!

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