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Maria Fragkaki Digital Marketer & Content Creator
Maria Fragkaki Digital Marketer & Content Creator

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With #teamaria we help you create a successful Digital Marketing Strategy for your business. Also, through my Digital Marketing Courses, I help small-business owners, individuals, professionals, and newbies understand the Digital World and strategize their online moves. Lastly, I consult and invest in startups that catch my interest!

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Marketing Plan

Creating an efficient Communication Strategy allows companies to maximise their ROI, this is why it's a No.1 priority.

Social Media​​

Social Media Management is the core of every advertising campaign. I help you present yourself, and reach the right people.

Social Advertising

Social Media Ads are a certain way for your business to grow and reach new audiences. Targeting makes the difference!

Content Marketing​

Content is the king of advertisement. Use the right words online and offline and watch your leads increase rapidly.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential tool for attracting and retaining customers. Creating authentic and relevant content is the key!

Digital Marketing Courses

Understand the science of Social Media Marketing -  and not only -, improve your skills or become a Digital Marketer from scratch!

Courses for Businesses

If you are a small-business owner and want to learn how to manage your social media or you want me to train your employees, then click below!

Mentoring | Consulting

Do you need a roadmap to success? Are you looking for ways to make your team more productive? Do you want marketing advice?


My vision is to spread tech awareness and help people use social media to build and grow, not to decrease and waste valuable time.

Are you looking for 360 services?

Meet #teamaria

#teamaria is a group of Creative Content Creators, who take care of your marketing strategy, Social Media management & growth, as well as your campaigns.

We also collaborate with many other Professionals, such as Developers, Photographers, Event Planners, and Performance Advertising Experts, so that we can provide businesses with 360 Digital Services.


Projects I'm Proud of

Projects I'm Proud of

Startup Weekend COVID19 Greece

Friday, April 24 – 26, 2020
Position: Social Media Manager 

Startup Weekend is one of the most popular youth entrepreneurship development institutions in the world today. Participants are invited to form teams and to develop and present comprehensive business plans within just 54 hours, under the guidance of mentors from the business, academic and investment sectors. This time, all this will happen from your home!For the first time, potential startuppers from all over Greece are joining forces to tackle problems arising from the state of the global pandemic, and are focusing on the business solutions of the next day.

I was honored to be a part of the organizing team, managing the social media of the event and speaking at the Lightning Talks about Social Media during COVID19.

Download my Social Media during COVID-19 presentation.

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FIDE Checkmate Coronavirus

May 28 –  June 16, 2020
Position: Social Media Manager (with Anna Volkova)

Supporting the efforts of all national governments and people all over the world, the International Chess Federation, FIDE, has decided to promote an online international chess initiative to provide a creative outlet to those who have to spend long hours at home. 

With the help of our partners, FIDE held 2,762 online tournaments across major online chess platforms from 18th May to 16th June. It was the biggest official event in terms of participation and non-stop games running, organized by any sports federation, ever!

Result: 517,661 entries

Women Do Business

March 2020 – present

“Women Do Business” is a non-profit organization, which promotes women’s entrepreneurship, and its goal is to inspire, but also to empower women in business. 

Our communication strategy is based on giving value to women through articles, videos, Q&As, Facebook live events, but also as the 1st business incubator in Crete and the 1st Business Academy for Women & Men.

Key Responsibilities:
– Social Media Management
– Content Creation
– Website Developing & Management
– Mentor/Coach at the Business Incubator

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I work with Digital Marketing Agencies, startups, organizations, influencers, businesses, and co-working spaces

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Every Social Media Channel has its own strategy. For example Facebook’s most effective way to get you leads is ads. Pinterest on the other hand needs multiple posts for each blog of your website, in order to drive serious traffic. The question is: What is the best Social Media Strattegy for YOUR brand?

Can you? Do you have the time? The team? The budget to build it? I believe that there is content for every brand in order to be in every Social Network. But it needs a creative mind and a strategy! If you can’t be everywhere, choose wisely 😉

SEO is mainly about content. Good content in terms of SEO means that it includes the right keeywords. Learn your audience and find out how they search for your product. Then you will have a better understanding on how you should talk about your product online, and trust me: SEO will love it!

Fast is fun they say! But sometimes it’s not fun for your pocket nor your customer service, this is why there are many things to consider before creating a fast strategy. The answer though is Yes, I can! 

Who said that? E-mail Marketing is still one of the most effective Marketing Strategies. You just need to get into the world of Marketing Automation!

Study, study, study. Digital Marketing is an industry which demands for you to be updated. It constantly changes and there are hundreds of fields you can have an expertise on. Practise what you’ve learned and decide where you really want to put your energy!

Yes, but not alone! I collaborate with many Professionals, such as Developers, Photographers, Event Planners, and Performance Advertising Experts, so that we can provide businesses with 360 Digital Services.

Yes, I do! I collaborate with co-working spaces, businesses, and organizations, and we put together a great teaching experience for amateurs, professionals, e-shop & business owners,  employees, and newsbies.

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