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I Want To Work For GaryVee Remotely From Greece.

Loved to Hate him

what I used to think about him

The Main 2 Reasons why I want to work for/with him

Why @GaryVee?

Gary Vee Digital Marketing

He is a massive content creator

Although I was having a hard time listening to him – mostly because of his tone – I couldn’t and still can’t resist to the content he is giving away. As a Marketer I find his content extremely valuable and revolutionary for the industry.

Personally, I was always focused on creating content for my clients. But trust me, no agency in Greece – not to speak about personal brands – deals with that level of content, in quality and quantity. @GaryVee is like the American Dream for Digital Marketers,  but for me he is the greatest teacher I can get.

He actually Cares about people

When somebody is shouting – or at least exceeds your personal decibels boundaries (!!) – you are not really paying attention to what he says. I remember that the first time I was shocked by how much he actually cares was at the Tom Bilyeu’s interview, and that was my moment with @GaryVee.

After months of obsessively watching and reading his content, I truly believe that he cares. As a human being, fame and money were never my drive, this is why I am always sceptical with famous people. But Thank God @GaryVee is famous and his voice reached Greece!!

How can you
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Gary Vee Digital Marketing

Why to pick me?

what can I do for Him?

Create & Edit

Content is my thing. I love creating, editing, and consuming content. I believe that I can be a great asset to @TeamGaryVee.

Build a @GaryVee Community in Greece

Most people feel more comfortable consuming content that "speaks their language". @GaryVee's Greek Community will fulfil this exact need.

Put me Anywhere I can be useful

To be honest, I don't know what @TeamGaryVee is lacking, but I'm willing to fill any spot that I am useful, productive, and creative.

Gary Vee Digital Marketing
Gary Vee Digital Marketing

What are My Motives

I don't strive for publicity

This Campaign is not meant to be a “How can I get more followers” thing. My goal is to grab @GaryVee’s attention and prove to people that there are ways to make your dreams come true, if you are willing to do everything in your power.

Also, my mission is to spread tech awareness and help people scroll to actually build and not just scroll. What better way to show people that internet and Social Media should be our tools and not our time-vampires?

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I'll be at the 9th of January in London, for your event

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