I'm #not hiring!

However, job offering is on the way👇

Well, the story is simple❗️ I fell in love with copywriting, then I met Digital Marketing, my boss stole my heart and made me fall in love with it even more (yes, there are still boss-mentors in this world!), then I had a dream of working as a freelancer and travel the world, and somehow – miraculously – this is becoming true day after day! This means that I have no time to eat, but still wake up happy, thanking God!

Now, I want to be this amazing “boss” or even better “partner in crime” and find someone with whom we are going to grow as professionals and build a happy digital freelancing community.

✅ What is the “job” about:

1. Content Creation for Socia Media
2. Creative writing for a blog
3. Social Media Advertising
4. Email Marketing
5. Creating online courses
6. Managing podcasts and Facebook live shows

If you think you are lacking skills, but still you are excited about it, keep going 👇

✅ What am I looking for?

1. Social Media Experience
2. Writing Skills
3. A hunger to learn
4. A growth mindset
5. A problem-solving attitude
6. A positive heart and mind
7. Fluent English and Greek

Ideally, I would choose someone with a desire of becoming an amazing Freelance Digital Marketer, rather than an already awesome one!

✅ What am I offering?

1. I will teach you everything I know
2. Fixed prices per task
3. A percentage of profits
4. Your own clients
5. Free online courses and e-books

What I’m actually giving, is a chance for anyone who wants to become a Digital Marketer, to join #teamaria, help me create beautiful and meaningful content, and always be my +1 in any project I get involved!

🚨 There is more:

6. You will grow your portfolio
7. You will learn how to build your own brand
8. You will be my assistant in all of my digital marketing courses
9. You will become a digital savage!!

If your motives are purely financial, then this project is not suitable for you, but anyway thank you for the time you spent to read this 🙏
If your motives have an abundant spirit, then call me at 6955858461.
Maria Fragkaki

Maria Fragkaki

Freelance Digital Marketer & Content Creator

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