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Marketing Plans show the way for a sustainable Business

Give your Business A marketing Plan

The "a-ha" moment

Marketing plans and strategies are important because they make sales easier for any business owner. When you target your ideal customer in a smarter way, you reduce the costs of marketing and increase your chances of converting leads into sales. Asking what problem you solve and why customers should choose you helps you identigy the specific issues of someone ready to buy.

When developing a strategic marketing strategy, you want to create an “a-ha” moment in the customer’s mind. These moments are where the customer realizes that you have an answer to something that has been on their mind to some degree.

Increasing the “a-ha” moments will lead you to more sales and a high-credibility status. These ideas are developed in the marketing plan after studying your customers’ pesonas, and your own unique selling point.

You have Clear

How to boost the traffic to my website? How to sell my products or services? What methods and tasks to include in my workflow to achieve my goals? To answer all these questions you need a sufficient marketing plan.

You Understand your Customer

Market segmentation is crucial in order to precisely establish a relevant audience for your business. After all, to satisfy the needs of your customer you need to understand what they really need, and also find a way to give them value.

You Allocate sufficient resources

A Marketing Plan is a step by step plan regarding your budgets, human resources, available equipment and actions necessary to meet your budget requirements. Without a clear plan, you will not be able to use your resources efficiently. It’s like a ship without a compass.

You have a Weapon against competitors

As important as marketing plans are, many business leaders don’t devote enough time and resources to them. This gives you the opportunity to beat your competition with a focused approach regarding your goal. This way you have control over your business.

Does my small business
need a Marketing Plan?

4 Reasons to
have one

Every business needs a marketing plan. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-man service provider or a major corporation with 1,000 employees across multiple states. Marketing is what drives sales; without sales, you don’t make the money required to stay in business long-term.

The purpose of a marketing plan is to decide how you will sell your products or services to consumers. Rather than assuming your product is perfect for everyone, the plan focuses on key people who are most likely to buy the product. 

What to expect from a Marketing Plan

Questions to be Answered

  1. Who is your ideal customer?
  2. What core problem do you solve for ideal customers?
  3. Who are your primary competitors?
  4. What is your primary competitive advantage?
  5. What is your sample offer to first time customers?
  6. What is your maximum cost to acquire a new customer?
  7. How many new customers you can handle per month?
  8. How do you ensure prompt follow-up on sales inquiries?
  9. What target keywords do you want to rank in Google?
  10. How do you measure marketing investments?

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