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What does Social Media Advertising mean to your Business?

I would Say everything

Is Posting Enough?

In an online world where “the more the better” rules, social media advertising is a must for brands. Why? For starters, organic results are dicreasing day after day and your reach seems to be zero! Posting is far from a enough for followers and sales to come.

Actually, that mindset has been gone for a few years now but channels like LinkedIn keep it real. It’s all about how you target your audience, build customer journeys and get people to your site to make a purchase. This is why you need Social advertising.

But which social media network is better for you to run ads? On what budget? For how long? Which is most effective content? How do you optimize and make efficient changes?

Look no further, because this is your one-stop website to better performing paid ads. The reason is that we are more than 15 freelancers who fulfil even the most demanding needs!

Can't hide from you!

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Ads acquire not only content skills, but also technical knowledge and data analysis experience. These numbers show you our confidence level in ads!

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Why to advertise your business
on Social Media?

Let's talk numbers

Did you know there are over 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook? Or that there are over 500 million daily Instagram users?

And did you know 74% of global marketers already invest in social media marketing, which includes social advertising? Not to mention 70% of businesses say they generate leads on social media and 58% of marketers say social media has helped them boost their sales.

Your competition lives in these numbers. You already know it! Why to stay behind?

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